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a bit about me:

"Listening to Annie Omalley's music is one of the most refreshing listening experiences we could ask for...Omalley successfully portrays the complex sentiments of turbulent love through her relatable lyrics and ability to perform with such poignant emotion. The song's sonics perfectly back up Omalley's sweet and lush vocals, especially with their soothing tones and refreshing pop approaches."
-Buzz LA


Annie O’Malley is an artist who feels that the most valuable and impactful way to create art is by drawing inspiration from self-reflecting on life experiences. Growing up in a small town outside of Chicago and now living in Los Angeles, music has been at the center of her life since she was a child. Identifying with a self-branded genre of Temper Tantrum Pop with singer-songwriter elements, her lyrics are raw and they are telling. Growing up in a school environment that fostered feelings of unworthiness in those who weren't deemed “smart enough,” Annie has found strength in “misspelling” song titles and lyrics as a way to heal and validate her inner child while simultaneously showing others that there is no wrong way to create art. 

Annie’s mission is to show the people told they were too sensitive or overly emotional that their sensitivity is their superpower and to not run from it but to run towards it. Lean into it, befriend it. She wants to make an impact greater than herself and uses her songwriting to do so. Annie’s songs are intended to be a one-on-one conversation between her and the listener, it follows themes of self-exploration, emotional vulnerability, optimism, curiosity, and resilience. Having such a wide variety of subjects, creates a range in the sonic elements as well. The results are a gamut of light-hearted and harrowing sounds, uptempo and melancholic drums, fragile and passionate melodies, creating something timeless.


Annie’s discography reads as a journey and it’s one that her listeners have followed since she started releasing singles in 2018. Her versatility has shown through the likes of two tours on either end of the musical spectrum; one with the 1970’s progressive rock band, Chicago, and the other with 28-year-old rapper, Phora. Her debut album, Skrapbook, was released in 2022 and it encapsulated her story to that moment in time. It was followed by her melodramatic EP, The Koldest Season, and will be succeeded by a sophomore album in the Spring of 2024.

Annie O’Malley’s story is one of authenticity and it’s only begun. While she’s been the one steering the ship, her music is a collective effort born through belief in herself and the message she is spreading. Thank yew for following along :)

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